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We use a hands-on approach as we work to revitalize neighborhoods and improve the quality of communities while promoting and encouraging real estate investing and home ownership to build generational wealth.


We specialise in the acquisition, development, reselling, and leasing of value-added residential properties. We buy distressed properties at undervalued prices, renovate them, and then we either resell those properties to home buyers and landlords, or we hold onto them and lease them to residential renters. Sometimes we merely acquire the contracts to distressed properties and wholesale those contracts to other real estate investors so that they can bring their own investment ideas to life. Additionally, we offer consultations to new or potential investors, and we also provide lucrative investment opportunities for our private money lenders and partners.

Whether it’s building beautiful homes, sharing deals with fellow landlords and rehabbers, consulting, or putting other people’s money to work for them, we take great pleasure in serving our community and providing value and solutions to the world.


We specialize in acquiring real estate at a steep discount and making strategic offers, renovating, rehabilitating, or repositioning the acquired assets to achieve their highest use potential for resale or holding. We focus on commercial and residential opportunities located in markets with upside potential for the targeted property.


Our team bridges the gap between the architect and builder in order to create innovative, cohesive solutions throughout the design and building process. From conception to completion, Mogul Minded Ventures is the provider of choice for luxury home construction, beautiful vacation escapes, and innovative remodeling for highly discerning individuals passionate about their future home.


We collaborate with a team of full-service real estate agents, that specialize in working with investors. Our agents are dedicated to meeting the diverse needs of our valued clients through a personable, professional & discreet experience while ensuring that we achieve the maximum profit. Considering the varied needs of our clients and all who may be involved in a move brings a higher and more personal level of attention and makes us unlike any other team in the real estate industry.